History term papers

History assignments come in all sizes and shapes. Some may be organized like a story, telling how things happened chronologically while others may be analytical, for example, History Term Papers that are organized in according to the topics or internal logic. While some papers are concerned with history (what happened), others are concerned with historiography (how other people have written history).

Steps to a mind-blowing History Term Paper

  • Understand the requirements of the paper. Before you do anything else in your History Term Paper, understand what your professor or instructor is asking you. Ensure that you understand the approach that you want to use on your paper. For example, are you asked to describe the current government of the United States or are you asked to give an account/ outline of the United States government achievements or are you asked to criticize/ perform judgment on the United States government?
  • Research your history term paper selected topic. Once you have understood the requirement of your paper and came up with a topic, now you can begin your research adventure. You can base your research on several useful sources such as journal articles and online databases. Ensure that you put a lot of effort and time in the research since it provides support for your chosen topic and thesis statement.
  • Plan your paper once you have done intensive research on your subject, begin refining your materials and creating the content of your History Term Paper. Create a central point to base all your arguments (thesis statement). Understanding how the literature reviews relate to your central view enables you to develop a well-structured content for your History Term Paper.
  • Your History Term Paper Regardless of the content of your History Term Paper, the structure should follow a standard structures of a term paper, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion. Where in the introduction you write your main idea and the objective of your paper, support your main statement in the body using credible evidence and warping up all you paper idea in the conclusion paragraph.
  • Ensure that you follow your instructor’s instruction on the formatting style. However, if your paper is open to any formatting style, use the one that you are most conversant with.
  • Plagiarism and originality. Ensure that your paper is not plagiarized and you have properly acknowledged other sources used in your History Term Paper.
  • References. Ensure that all the references used have the author’s name, date of publication and the publisher’s name to demonstrate the credibility of your references. Also, it is advisable to use current sources unless otherwise specified.

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History Term Paper topics guide

  1. How has slavery changed the rate of development in the Western World?
  2. How did the bubonic plague spread to reduce the population of both Europe and Asia?
  3. What could have been done to reduce the spread of the bubonic plague?
  4. What are the most fascinating facts about the Bronze Age?
  5. How did the Egyptians build their pyramids?
  6. Why did China decide to build the Great Wall around its borders?
  7. How has the Great Fire of London reshaped the city?
  8. How has the American Civil War shaped the US?
  9. How did the Romans come to be so big?
  10. Why did the Romans fall regardless of their superiority?
  11. What was so interesting about the Ottoman Empire?
  12. Why did the US become the most powerful country in the world?
  13. Was the space race to the benefit of the human race?
  14. What could have been done to prevent World War 2?
  15. How did World War 2 change the world?
  16. How did World War 1 create jobs?
  17. Was the bombing of Hiroshima an event that needed to take place?
  18. How could future generations learn from the events of the Second World War?
  19. During the Victorian times, what were the deciding factors between middle and upper class?
  20. What was the outcome of the Scientific Revolution?

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