Engineering Term Papers

  • Engineering is considered more as practical field and hence theory behind it is given very little importance. As a result, authors and students in this field often find it difficult to research and write any paper related to engineering. The difference lies between applying the theory, studying, and explaining it. The following are crucial pointers that every engineering student should know before beginning to work on their Engineering Term Papers.
  • Gather your research as early as possible. Do not procrastinate on analyzing your data to avoid your data being rendered irrelevant given that the rapid pace engineering is growing at.
  • Focus on quality and not the quantity, that is focus on concise data that is relevant to your topic. Engineering students tend to assume that having a very long manuscript is the way to go. On the contrary, to their assumptions, an engineering manuscript or paper requires the key argument, evidences to support your claim and lastly data that describes the process of your study.
  • Clearly, explain the theory behind your data. Engineers apply research while there are authors behind those researches explaining every theory behind all engineering application. In most cases, students jump into the results thinking that that is what their instructor will be interested in. However, how they got to those results is equally important.
  • Cite the most relevant and recent/ current literature available. Engineering field develops and changes rapidly hence there are new inventions and revolutions publicized every year. Therefore, ensure that your citations are not outdated which might lead to your instructor rejecting your Engineering Term Paper.

Engineering Sample Questions

  • Computer science

Give me Solution by Using Python Cord:

1.Consider the following problem: I am reading a very large list of integers. This list can include negatives, positives, and zero. It also may contain duplicates. Your goal is to find out how many times the first number appears on this list. Display that number and the number of times it had appeared. Write out only the pseudocode for solving this problem.

You may assume that the following pseudocode statement reads in the large list.

input largeList

You may also assume that

set length = len(largeList)

Stores the number of entries in largeList in the variable length.

  1. Write what gets printed.

Write which Boolean expression within the print statement gets evaluated first. Write what its value would be. Then write the next Boolean expression that gets evaluated. Write its value. Keep proceeding until the entire expression is evaluated. Each line that you write would be of the form

Boolean expression                        Value

  • Mechanical engineering

Air flows into a gasoline engine at 95 kPa, 300 K. The air is then compressed with a

the volumetric compression ratio of 8:1. In the combustion process, 1300 kJ/kg of energy is released as

The fuel burns. Find the temperature and pressure after combustion using cold air properties

  • Chemical engineering

What effect does lyophilization or drying time have on the quality and/or activity of the product? Exemplify with at least 3 cases for each operation, correlation with the factors analyzed

  • Electrical engineering

A 5 MVA 13.2 kV, 3-phase generator supplies 3.6 MW at a power factor of .8 calculate (a) the rated current, (b) the complex load current (The answers shown are correct please show steps to get them)

  • Civil engineering

For calculating the evaporation rate over a reservoir surface E = 0.771 (1.465 – 0.00732 B) (0.44 -0.007375 V) (pe – pa), the equation is given by
A. Roohwer’s, formula in M.K.S.
B. Roohwer’s formula in F.P.S.
C. Dalton’s formula in F.P.S.
D. Dalton’s formula in M.K.S.

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