Terms and Conditions


  • Agreement/Concord/accord refers to these terms and conditions.
  • Company refers to a body that offers autonomous or self-regulating academic writing services to clients following the set standards as defined by the agreement. And for this case refers to Brainy Term Papers
  • Writers are all individuals that work with the company to create a product on a freelance (self-employed) basis under the company’s’ terms and conditions.
  • Customer or client is the person who seeks academic writing assistance from the company to acquire product(s) or services following his or her instructions and requirement as stated in this stipulations and conditions.
  • Order refers to the request (electronic) from the client to buy a trustworthy service or product.
  • Order status states the progress of the paper at particular time and stage
  • Product defines the document in an electronic format once the order is completed. Product revision refers to an abridged report of the original product authorized by the client.
  • The support team is part of the company’s professionals responsible for evaluation and guarding the quality of the product and services provided to the clients.
  • Quality assurance department is the company’s organization structure tasked with guarding and evaluating the products quality and services provided by the company.
  • Messaging system refers to the company’s interactive communication feature that allows interactive sharing of messages between the client, support team, and the writer.
  • The verification process is a system followed by the customer to avoid fraudulent activities by confirming their billing identity with the company.
  • Store credit is the money report that belongs to the customer with the company.

The company values the customer’s privacy and is fully committed to protecting its client from any form of safety risk. Therefore, the company neither resells nor shares the customers’ personal details such as credit card details with any third parties including the company’s writers. The company’s transactions are operated through a secure and reliable system provided by PayPal.com, which ensure that the customer’s credit card information is not disclosed. However, the company does not fully guarantee any disclosure of the credit cards details that may occur beyond PayPal.com with or without its fault. Our order form requires all our clients to provide personal information such as name, home address, phone number and personal email address. We guarantee that this information is only used for customer contacts verification purposes only regarding the placed order. Any other files uploaded for the purpose of the verification are erased from the company’s catalog instantaneously after the authentication process is complete. Customer-writer direct contact is prohibited for the safety of the customer’s information and confidentiality. The company has numerous interactive avenues to communicate with the support team open for 24/7. All the information and additional files uploaded by the customer are visible to the writers immediately the customer completes the payment process. The customer is responsible for any information voluntarily disclosed during the order placement. The company encourages customers to avoid including personal details such as phone number or email address or billing information to the writers while communicating via the messaging system.

The company’s qualified writing experts produce customized research papers and other academic writing services to create a unique product for the clients and it is designed to help them complete assignments and/or any other educational obligation. The purpose of these terms and conditions is to offer clients with an original reference piece or any other related services as instructed by the customer. Everything provided by the company is for references or research purposes only. The company is not answerable to failure on the part of the customer to learn the material covered by the document or any improper usage of research or information contained in the text.
    • Placing an order. When filling the order form, the customer is responsible of registering to the company with a valid email address and providing a correct phone number that he or she can be reached by in case of any question or clarification regarding the placed order. There are several occasions when the phone number will be required during order preparation. In any event, the customer provides an invalid email address and wrong phone number, the order completion might be affected besides violating these terms and conditions. Such instances may call for a penalty of any claim to the implied guarantee/warranty by the customer. The company begins working on the client’s order only when he or she pays the full amount of the product(s) or any other service(s). Failure to pay on time is purely customer’s responsibility. The customer must be very keen when placing an order, i.e., filling the order form. All company’s membership discounts (5%, 10%, and 15% do not apply to both time-framed and non-time framed multiple choice questions assignments. However, customers get discounts according to the number of questions ordered. Customers can take advantage of the discounts provided to reduce prices of the product(s) and service(s) in an event they are entitled to any. Special offers and discounts on the company may not be applied at the same time and cannot be combined with any other additional service(s) or different product(s).
    • Instructions. The company works solely based on the customer’s instructions. Consequently, the customer is obliged to give clear and precise instructions. In an event where instructions are not clear and additional instructions needed to complete the order and they are not provided within the timeframe, the company shall not be held responsible neither shall it fulfill any implied guarantee or warranty. Once the order is completed, revisions are only eligible if the original instructions are not tampered with. Any changes from the initial instruction, the customer will be required to place a new order since a free revision in such a case is not possible. The order can also be considered as an ‘editing’ order, which will require the customer to pay extra for the service. Any order that deviates the original instructions will not be revised free of charge. Customers are encouraged to upload all the necessary instructions and files before the writer is assigned the order. Failure to this, the customer will have violated terms and conditions of this agreement hence call for a penalty of any claim to the implied guarantee.
    • Sources. The company writers are permitted to use any relevant or appropriate source available to complete the requested product. That is, the writer can use newspapers, books, interviews, journals, online publications, etc. however, customers are allowed to request the use of a particular source. If the customer requires the assignment to use particular sources, he or she should provide them within the appropriate time, i.e., they should be submitted within 48 hours as listed below.
    • Ten days’ assignment: all sources and clear instructions should be provided within 24 hours
    • 24 hours’ assignment: all sources and clear instructions should be submitted within the first 30 minutes. Failure to this, the customer will have violated terms and conditions of this agreement hence call for a penalty of any claim to the implied guarantee.
    • Matching of the academic level. If the customer selects an improper educational level either by accident or not, he or she will take full responsibility for that error. All clients are responsible for choosing the correct academic level that fits the requirements of the assignment when filling the order form. If this happens by mistake, the customer should contact the support team immediately for assistance before the order is assigned to a writer.
    • Checking system messages. The company has a messaging system that allows an easy and convenient way of communication. The customer should regularly check messages for any updates about the order from either the support or the writer. The customer is also responsible for punctually addressing any questions, concerns or provides required additional instructions using the company’s messaging system. Failures to this, the customer will not be able to request a refund for the provided service(s). For customers who don’t know how the messaging system works, they can contact the support team for assistance at any given time.
    • An incorrectly placed order. The company has the right not to resubmit or process any customer’s request in the event that indicated information is not dependable or do not match the order’s initial explanation. If the customer provides the wrong account or selects an incorrect product, there may be need of time extension request from the writer or additional payment in case of a writer upgrade. Please note that the company does this to ensure smooth processing of the order and that the customer’s paper is assigned to an expert. The company contacts the customer to inform him or her about the charges or request for the go-ahead.
    • Following the order progress. All clients should regularly communicate with both the writer and the support team to supervise the order development via their automatically created account on the company’s site. The following are the likely statuses that an order may indicate:
    • Unpaid orders. This suggests that the order has been registered to the systems. However, the customer is yet to complete the payment process so that the appropriate writer can be assigned to the order.
    • Processing orders: order is fully paid and waiting for the most qualified writer to begin working on it.
    • Assigned orders: the paper has been awarded to the most suitable writer to tackle it.
    • Completed orders– the document is complete and available for the customer to review and download it if satisfied with the result.
    • Revision orders: A customer revision request has been approved, and the writer is revising the order following the client’s instructions.
    • On Hold orders. The writer has stopped working on the product following the support team instructions until the customer sends in the required additional files or instructions.
    • Canceled orders– the order has been canceled.

Customers are allowed to appeal for a draft from the writer. Nevertheless, for orders of the timeline between 3 hours and two days (48 hours) this condition may not apply.

  • Preferred writers. There is an option of placing an order with a favorite writer. However, the company may turn down the request depending on various facts about the writer that may affect the completion of product or creating a quality piece. The customer is informed about the decision and provided with the proof of the company’s claims in form of a document or any other material. If the client still wants the preferred writer to work on their paper even after the warning, he or she will be responsible for any following quality and lateness issues that may occur.

The company is committed to achieving the highest degree of satisfaction for all customers. Nevertheless, the organization is not accountable for any delivery issues that result from spam checker/filters, lack of internet, incorrect email as provided by the customer, general neglect, etc. that are beyond the company’s control or any faults that are not the company’s. The company’s support team is accessible anytime to assist the customers in any way they can with their order delivering problems or any other problems related to their order. The company will work hard to meet all academic writing requirements as required by the customer by maintaining and regularly updating its software. In the event of keeping time, the customer is responsible for downloading the completed product on time. Failure to this, he or she will be fully charged for the order with no chance of refund unless under product quality claims.

The company’s priority is to protect the billing information and to safeguard their customers against fraud. The company is obligated by law establishments along with business providers and banks to safeguard or protects the customers who buy from it. Because of the temperament of the industry, i.e., the type of the product and delivering of the product via electronic means, handwritten signatures are not needed as proof that the transaction took place. The company has the right to request for:

  • Photocopy of the credit card (the customer may opt to cover the card’s digit exclusive of the last four figures)
  • Customer’s passport photocopy (or copy of the international student’s visa)
  • Customer’s official ID photocopy (customer can provide either driver’s license or any other ID issued by the government)
  • Customer’s Bank authorization code.

The requirements mentioned above may be delivered in the form of scanned documents or photos taken via mobile phones or a digital camera. Every material requested by the company is for verification purposes only and is never shared with a third party. Once the company has verified the customers’ identity, it deletes all the documents from the system to ensure the safety of its customers. All customers are required to comply with the entire billing information verification to ensure that the provided details adhere to the company’s payment policies. All customers are required to provide verification documents and information within the following timeframe upon request:

  • For orders to be completed between 2 days and ten days; provision of billing documents and information must be provided within first 8 hours of verification request.
  • For orders within the timeline of 12 hours and 24 hours: the customer should provide the required information or documentation within the first 60 minutes after the order placement.
  • For orders that do not exceed a timeline of 12 hours: the customer should provide the required verification information or documents within the first 20 minutes after placement of the order.

A letdown to comply with these results in defiance of this accord and penalty of any alleged assurance or pledge. The company prohibits the use of unauthorized or stolen credit cards and reports such incidents to the applicable law for further investigation. Please note that the company is against cybercrime and works with relevant authorities to fight it.

The company has the power to cancel an order in the event of lack of cooperation or any communication from the customer that directly affect the order completion. Another circumstance that customer’s order may be terminated is if the company suspects that the customer is involved in sham or deceitful activities. Refund policy does not work for above events, and therefore clients will not be refunded any amount in case of the above situations. The company will discreetly take action based on each particular circumstance.

Revision service policies are solely provided to ensure that all clients enjoy total satisfaction with the submitted order. The customer has a time limit of 14 days to request a revision after the order has been uploaded to his or her personal account with the company. For dissertations, research proposals, thesis, thesis proposals, dissertation chapters or any other practically bulky order, revision request should be placed within 30 days. If for any reason the customer misses the deadline, he or she can still request a revision but for an additional fee. The customer might also opt to place the order in edit category. Quality assurance department has the powers to limit the deadline and the number of revisions requirements due to reasons such as unreasonable revision request (taking advantage of the company’s writer or misuse of revision options). If the customer violates the original instructions and then requests for a revision, the quality control department reserves the right to decline the request. However, if the request falls under the stated guidelines, the company will gladly revise the product to meet the customer’s initial instructions.

The company guarantees to deliver original products within the time limit. All orders are checked via advanced anti-plagiarism software to ensure that customers receive 100% unique products. The company does not tolerate any type of plagiarism. For editing, formatting and formatting services, the company does not promise that the product will be plagiarism free. Any product or piece that is not created by the company’s writers will not be verified or reviewed for any plagiarized instances. The company is not responsible for any proofread or formatted product, and therefore it shall not refund any amount is such instances. Customers are permitted to cancel their order at any time before the order completion. All order cancellation and refunds should be expressed and communicated inform of writing by either use of email to the support team or order messaging system. If the customer is not contented with the product submitted or receives the completed order past the time limit, the customer is eligible for a full or partial refund. The company discreetly approves or disapproves the request on an individual concerns basis. Customers must offer a strong reason or proof to back up their bad quality product refund. The refund will only be eligible for a comprehensive record of violation is provided. The company might request for extra resources or facts to prove to the quality control panel that the customer deserves the refund. Please note that the quality control department can decline the refund request if the customer does not provide enough proof. If the company does not receive the order, revision within three days after the order submission the company assumes that the customer is satisfied with the product submitted therefore no possible refund. If a full refund is issued and the services had already been rendered, the company automatically becomes the sole owners of the product and therefore can do whatever it pleases with the product including reselling it or sharing its information with the third parties. On the other hand, the customer is not allowed to use the document under any circumstances or any purposes. If the customer does not study the content covered by the created product or the research used to complete the paper, the company is not responsible for any consequences that may occur and there will be no refund for such instances. Any store credits accepted by the customer following any inconveniences caused are not refundable. If they are unused for one calendar year from the accrual day, the store credits will automatically be removed from the clients account with no possibility of using it. The company has the authority to get in touch with the customer via email to inform them about new services, special offers, discounts any other constructive information depending on the company. The company’s short messages alert allows the customer to receive text messages alerts. Once the customer places an order with the company, it indicates that the customer accepts to receive mobile phone updates and alerts from the company. The company also has the right to modify or alter any SMS alerts without clients’ consent or prior information, e.g., discounts and special offers. The company is not liable for any charges charged by the mobile service provider as a result of the company’s SMS.

The firm has no reservation of breaching the agreement. The customer will take full responsibility to be a waiver of any violation of this contract. All solutions affordable in this accord shall be interpreted as collective, i.e., besides any other resolution offered by the law.

The company can revise, alter, modify or else change any or all necessities of the agreement. The customer willingly accepts to comply by any later changes alteration, adjustment, amendments as regarded in this deal, by the unrelenting performance of service(s) by the company. The customer is obligated to assess this terms and conditions conformity regularly for any amendments or changes that might reflect in this sector of the company’s site.

This concord contains intact conditions between the company and the customer. Therefore, no guarantees, statements or inducements made by either affiliation that are incoherent shall be valid unless expressed under this agreement.

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