due in 10hours,11pages,chicago format

11page paper, chicago format, 10 sources 11  page paper, 10 references, chicago format. Various mental illnesses of Rome emperors….Either chose one emperor or talk about various emperors in imperial Rome. Research Paper Requirements? Title Page – include a creative, but relevant, title page, with the title of your paper, your full name, your instructor’s name, the course […]

Discussion board responses

I need two responses to the following posts no less than 100 words.   Nicole wrote: It pays to be socially responsible. While being socially responsible does not guarantee financial success it does not necessarily hinder it either (Williams 84). Companies who are socially responsible are generally able to better their business (Epstein-Reeves). One way […]


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Exercise 18- 22

  Exercise 18- 22 Phelps Glass Inc. has reported the following financial data: net revenue of $10 million. Variable cost of $5 million, controllable fixed costs of $2 million, non-controllable fixed costs $1 million and untraceable costs of $500,000. The accounting manager has supplied you with data and asked you to come up with the […]

Bus303 Ashford University

  Bus   303   –  Ashford University       Discussion #1   In 200 – 250 words, what is Human Resources planning? How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization’s strategic objectives? Use examples pulled from an organization with which you are familiar.       Discussion #2   In 200 […]

Heat-Transfer exam

hello tuotrs,i have a heat-transfer exam. if you good at this subject and its your domain becuse its really deep material,please contact me thanks. the exam is extremely hard and cound not find it in any source on the net

Chicano HWK (CH S 111)

By now, you have seen the lectures by Professor Fermin Herrera from last week’s moodle assignment as well as read the excerpt from Bless Me Ultima and read the poems I Am Joaquin and Aztlan.   After we discussed these sources in class, how can you pinpoint the Mexican indigenous influence on Chicana/o artistic expression? […]