World Geography ? PBA ? 2016
Choose any place in the world. It could be a country, a region, or even a single city. You must then describe, compare, associate, analyze, and evaluate information about that place using the Five Themes of Geography and the Seven Elements of Culture.
Specifically you will need to do the following:
– Describe
o Using the Five Themes and Seven Elements of Culture
_____/25 Points
– Compare
o Compare your chosen place to another place in the world, in formally written or graphic format
_____/5 Points
– Associate
o Describe, specifically, something that many people around the world associate with this place

_____/5 Points
– Analyze
o Analyze how the place has developed over time due to both physical and cultural circumstances

_____/10 Points
– Evaluate
o Evaluate (argue) how this place could be improved in a specific, practical, and reasonable way

_____/5 Points

Total Possible _____/50 Points

*You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, Poster, or any method of presenting the required information in a way that is clear, organized, and follows all directions/answers all questions.

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