Arrhythmia heart disease

Topic: Arrhythmia heart disease

Page 1: Title

Page 2: Index

Page 3: Explain why you think the topic is important

Page 4:  Body of the paper requirements: minimum 5 pages long

–          Concept/ definition:  a short paragraph that summarizes the medical   condition

–          causes: What are the causes of the medical condition?

–          Symptoms and signs/diagnosis:

Symptoms: What the patient refers to the Doctor

          Signs: What the Doctor see, measure, or listen with   instruments and maneuvers

–          Treatment 

           Prevention (if it is possible)

           Hygiene and Diet

           Symptomatic: to alive the symptoms

           Specific or curative: What cures the illness for such as  Antibiotics,

           Antivirals if they apply (be specific with names  and doses) and surgical procedures


Page10: Bibliography or references page (at least 5 authors)


Two of the authors should  be Medical text books example (Harrison’s Principles of Internal   Medicine,  and The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy medical journals, web pages, CDC information. (medical/scientific bibliografy)

The Medical    books can be a newer edition. You can go to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention ( for more information.                  


Wikipedia is not accepted!!!!!!


Page 11: Appendix page: It has to includes pictures and/or graphics


Do not copy exactly from sources or do not plagiarize but paraphrase. Cannot be more than 10% match with sources.  

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