Case Study – Submission  (Week 5, 50pts) – The second Case Study (Case #5 – Avon) is due by the end of Week 5.  Please submit your paper as an attached file via the title link.

1. Identify problems: The Problems can be succinctly stated in a 2-3 sentence (short) paragraph for each.

2. Conduct strategic analysis: Identify the Strategic Issues. Each issue can be summarized in 1-2 sentences, and then follow it with a short analysis of what you think needs to be done to address each issue. I  want you to determine what would solve/address the issue. Examples might be related to more training of staff, more investment in equipment, greater use of specific types of technology, etc.

This is where the analysis section of the Strategic Management Model will help.  Start with Porter’s Six Forces Model, supplement with 3 to five models that you feel appropriate (Environmental, key success factors, financial, marketing, value chain, etc.), then create a good SWOT analysis with the results.

3. Propose alternative solutions: Then, once you have done that, evaluate each as to its effectiveness and/or appropriateness.

4. Make recommendations: The actions that you propose should address the very next steps that the organization needs to take.

    • Use Strengths and opportunities to discuss creating a competitive advantage.
    • Use weaknesses and threats to demonstrate management skills by offering solutions.

Case study papers should be 3-5 pages in length, doubled spaced.

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