Creating a Service Plan

Course Text: Frankel, A. J. & Gelman, S. R. (2012). Case management: An introduction to concepts and skills (3rd ed.). Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books.
Chapter 6, ?Specialized Practice Skills?

To Prepare for this Assignment:
Review Chapter 6, ?Specialized Practice Skills? from the Course Text. Focus on the information about client assessment and setting goals.

Review the article ?Case Managers? Perspectives on What They Need to do Their Job.? Consider the areas about which case managers report wanting additional training.

Review the media titled Virtual Client Case Files.

Review the Case Management Service Plan Form.

Consider potential needs and goals of each of your case management clients.
Think about service plans you will create for each.

****The Assignment (3 completed client forms)

Develop a service plan for each of your three cases.

***Note: For the first case depicting the family group, you will need to represent each client on the same form, as they are all a part of one case.

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