differences between cultures and diversity

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Please read: Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education (HACE) Concepts of Social Justice and Culturally Relevant Adult Education
Chapter 31
And Special Topics in Adult Education
Chapters 10, 18, 19, 24, 30
Issue: Special Topics
Adult Education – East Meets West
Please look for topics which show the differences between cultures and diversity. You may pull from anywhere as long as you show at least 2 PERSPECTIVES!
You will be evaluated on the article/publication you have picked and how you’ve addressed the Issue; inclusion of personal meaning for you, substance of your post, connection to the weekly literature, and engagement with classmates.
If this topic is one on which you’d like to do more reading, check into the terrific book by Richard E. Nesbitt called The Geography of Thought (How Easterners and Westerners Think Differently).

Keep in mind this is a 2 part order, 1st part is to follow the instructions above and the other is to reply back to the 4peer article summaries from my peers. I will send them to the writer by Monday 9/12/11 for reply

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