My company name is Tesla Inc.  The attached are previous milestone papers.

In this Milestone, you will submit the assumptions and contingency planning about the company. In a complete 4-5 pages paper specifically address the following:

  • 1.       Explain the assumptions you have made in creating your business implementation plan, including a discussion of any factors that may affect the assumptions or success of the project, and how you have planned for those contingencies.
  • 2.       Discuss any cross-cultural, economic, and geopolitical factors that may impact the business environment and concept.
  • 3.       Explain how you will ensure that the project operates in a legally and ethically compliant environment, including relevant laws, regulations, or patents or permits that may need to be obtained.
  • 4.       Outline plans for incorporating stakeholder and customer diversity into planning and implementation of the concept.
  • 5.       Discuss the role that corporate social responsibility will play in the implementation of your concept.


 In your paper,

  • ·         Must include proper introduction and conclusion
  • ·         Must provide complete 5 credible references cited in APA.

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