Effective Communication

Changes in advancement to technology with the advent of internet have created business across national boundaries with challenges as well as opportunities.

However, effective communication between customers and employees present problems with call centers (language or dialect), and interpreting website marketing and promotions, along with social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

Write 8 full pages of text (content) addressing the above topic with at least 6 references in APA Format

You will need a: 

• Cover Page • Table of Contents • Abstract or Introduction • Text – Body of Work (Effective Communication; Call Centers; Social Media).• Conclusion/Recommendation • Reference

Articles from 2009 – present only.  Use your online library.  No Wikipedia, BLOGS with Ads from Yahoo, UKEssay.com; Buzzle.com, or sites that challenge as they present a biased opinion. Google Scholar is accepted.

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