Explain why and at what cost you wish to replace the traditional gasoline/diesel-powered city vehicles now is use.

Assignment #6 for Summer 2014

Writing a Recommendation Report

For this assignment, you will write a recommendation report. Follow the problemsolving model for this report as seen on page 515. The sample report you will follow is on pages 532-558. Yours will be MUCH shorter, however. It will be multipage (but submitted all as one document), and include the following:

1/ a brief memo

2/ a title page

3/ an abstract

4/ a table of contents

5/ an executive summary

6/ an introduction

7/ a page outlining your research methods (which web pages you looked at, doing comparisons, etc.)

8/ a results page

9/ a conclusion page

10/ a recommendation


The scenario: you work for the City of Bakersfield, in the Purchasing Dept. and your boss is Kim Berrigan, Purchasing Officer, City of Bakersfield Purchasing Division, 1600 Truxtun Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bakersfield, CA 93301. So this is for whom you are preparing the report.


You are one of her staff members, assigned the job of investigating how much money the city can save by replacing gas & diesel vehicles with hybrid and electrical vehicles. Here is the web site for the Fleet Services division: http://www.bakersfieldcity.us/cityservices/pubwrks/fleetservices/index.htm

You might want to use their ENVIRONMENTAL GOALS (on this web page) as some of your foundation. Then you will explain why and at what cost you wish to replace the traditional gasoline/diesel-powered city vehicles now is use.

You will need new hybrid vehicle prices/or electrical vehicle prices. These will be part of your results, your conclusion, and your recommendation, so there will be some overlapping. You research will be on the Web. Provide the web sites you get your information from. Remember – the city fleet includes trucks, so get some prices/makes/models for hybrid/eco-friendly trucks, too. And provide approximate prices for all. Assume the police are NOT replacing cars, as they just did (“department plans to purchase a total of 40 vehicles at $23,000 each” – Bakersfield Californian).


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