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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper explaining the theory/theories (i.e., Adlerian, person-centered, gestalt, CBT/REBT, reality, narrative, or solution-focused theories) that you prefer the most. In your paper, be sure to:Summarize the theory that you mostly closely align.Begin the paper with an opening paragraph that describes your theory choice.Include definitions and examples where appropriate.Explain your rationale for this choice.What draws you to this theory? Support your response with details related to human nature, key concepts, and your role in the therapeutic relationship?What parts of the theory are the most appealing to you? Which parts are the least appealing? Why?Compare your chosen theory to another counseling theory you learned about in this course.Describe how this theory is closely related to your chosen theory.Describe how this theory differs?Describe how you would apply your chosen theory to address a mental health issue.What might be the advantages of your theory as you apply the theory to the mental health issue you have chosen?What might be the limitations of your theory as you apply the theory to the mental health issue you have chosen?Describe what you have learned from completing this assignment in your conclusion.Incorporate research from current, scholarly references to support your response.Note: Use the topics above as headings in your paper.Cite 3 scholarly references in addition to the textbook.Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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