Does globalization necessarily mean the end of the nation-state?

IS3850: Introduction to Globalization                                                                     Autumn 2014

You have two options for assessment in the remainder of the course.  The first is a combination of a third midterm and a shorter 5-7 page essay and the second is a longer essay without the third midterm.  Below are some suggested essay topics.  You can either choose one of these or come to speak to me if you would prefer to write an essay on a topic of of your own choice.  You should have a minimum of five references beyond the course readings for the shorter essay and a minimum of eight for the longer one.

Remember that the quality of English expression and syntax are integral parts of any argument and will be important for the essay grade.  The essay itself must have one-inch margins and be double-spaced (between paragraphs as well as between lines within paragraphs) and in 12-point font.  Avoid plagiarism at all costs, which means at a minimum fully referencing your sources for the essay.  You can use any referencing style as long as you are consistent.  The due date is December 15 and you should hand a hard copy of your paper in to the International studies office, 33 Townshend Hall.

Shorter Essay Questions (5-7 pages and 25% of grade)

  1. In what ways, if any, should globalization be stifled? Give reasons for your answer.
  2. Discuss the idea that “the world is flat” in the context of global flows of technology
  3. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, has observed that “arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.” Are states indeed as helpless before the forces of globalization as Mr. Annan implies?
  4. Has globalization gone too far, not far enough, or has it been heading in the wrong direction?
  5. In your view, to what extent does the rise of NGOs signify the emergence of a global civil society as argued by Kaldor, and why?
  6. Is there an alternative to neoliberal globalization or must globalization necessarily be neoliberal in character?
  7. Do you think the world may someday “collapse” because of accelerating environmental problems? Why?  Why Not?

Longer Essay Questions (8-10 pages and 50% of grade)

  1. Does globalization necessarily mean the end of the nation-state?
  2. Does economic globalization lift all boats, or is it a modern form of imperialism?
  3. Are globalization and neo-liberalism two sides of the same coin?
  4. Discuss the impact of global technological flows on the nation-state.
  5. “The global project is doomed because the “dark side of globalization,” e.g., global crime crime and environmental degradation, cannot be effectively regulated within the current global governance structure.”
  6. Do well-off peoples have to give up advantages and luxuries for the benefit of the global poor?
  7. “Globalization contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction and, in the end, nothing can be done to save it.”



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