interducing new business in your country ( kuwait)

this paper will be a presentation also a research paper so i need it written in microsoft word also powerpoint slids the basic points 

the paper is a bout interdusing new business in my country which in  kuwait … i choosed a mobile bueaty salon for women for example a SUV car that have a beauty salon 

 i need an interduction about the business (talk about the business and what is it) also the mission statement and the vision … next step i need the entry strategy of the business .. also talk about ( competetors, pricing, and other strategies) and if there will be allaiences it will be with who? … also talk about the customer value (how do you creat customer value with this business – or how to atract costumers)

… and talk about the target market ( market segments)

and also the market strategy , cost and profit strategy , also i need a SWOT analysis , finaly how do i expand the business (expansion)

i nees it as word for the research paper also power point slides for a presentation

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