The movie Deadpool (2016), directed by Tim Miller, is a prime example of how the internet helped a movie be a success. The movie had a famous main actor in Ryan Reynolds that definitely had an effect on the success, but it was a leak that spurred the success. The movie was actually started in 2005 but was put on the shelf. After a few years, and a change in studios, it was started up again. The main character was used in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but wasn?t that popular. New writers were called in, but it was when the leak happened it became popular. The public clamored for more and then the studio had it put in full swing. This shows just how powerful a role the internet can play in the making, or breaking of a film. Successful studios and directors can and use this to their advantage when marketing a movie. Often times when something is leaked by ?accident? it may actually be a planned event. Just giving a little glimpse of something, can stir our emotions and make us want to see more. Often independent films, that would otherwise never get the coverage of a major studio, are made famous for no other reason than the internet.

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