Lack of awareness messages about occupational health for health workers affects quality in medical facilities in Saudi Arabia

Instructions: The search is divided into two parts

section One:

1- problem statement / problem statement

(Should you write a full sentence explaining what the problem is)

2. Background

It should be written in a detailed description of the problem including a summary of the facts and

Evidence, scale of problem, why this is important and who is affected


3- Landscape

(Attempts to diagnose and evaluate the problem by identifying stakeholders, and explaining how to do it

People/workers, articulating the social/cultural/or political aspect, providing economic

context and demonstrate administrative feasibility)


4- Options

(Define evaluation criteria with options (potential solutions) that will be well justified

your final recommendation)

5- Recommendation

(One option must be chosen may be a group of options, but it must be

presented and evaluated as a group)


7 – References

(must include all relevant references)

Attached is an example of the first section with all the details




Section Two:

1- The same problem as the previous statement

Defining the problem (1-2 pages)

1.1 Problem statement

1.2 Why is quality improvement important to this problem?

1.3 How does this problem of improving the quality of health promotion fit with nationalism and

Institutional policies on quality of care in Saudi Arabia and with international guidelines?

1.4 What are the quality standards to be met

1.5 Who should be involved in the development of a health promotion quality improvement project?



2- Analyze the health promotion problem

Produce a Flow Chart (process map) of the current system/ process

Determine the indicators or measures which will enable you to know whether we have made an

improvement, cause and effect analysis

2.1 Flowchart of the process

Decide the beginning and the end points of the process to be flowcharted

Identify key steps of the process

Directions need to be shown in your process



2.2 Proposed quality indicators to be measured before and after implementation of the action plan

for the health promotion quality improvement (1-3 indicatorid to measure specific quality issue

identified earlier is step 1)


2.3 Cause and effect analysis-fishbone diagram

Brainstorm with your group all possible causes for the problem identified

Decide set of categories for grouping the causes

Write causes on spines of fish under appropriate categories


3: Develop possible solutions-changes (2-3 pages)

3.1 Develop a list of possible solutions (changes) that may lead to an improvement in your process

3.2 Select 3 potential solutions (changes) that you think may lead to an improvement in your

process and produce a change chart


3.3 Develop an action plan for health promotion quality improvement


4: test and implement (1-2 pages)- PDSA Cycles

4.1: PDSA Work sheet for testing change

QIP Aim: overall goal you wish to achieve (every goal will require multiple smaller test of




5 Evaluation of health promotional quality improvement project (1-2 pages)

Remember: you can’t improve what you can’t evaluate

5.1 was the action plan for health promotional quality improvement implemented correctly?

• Yes • No

If Yes:

Describe the implementation process and whether there were any unforeseen problems?

Did you resolve the problem it was designed to address?

If No, Suggest further revisions to your action plan for health promotional quality


5.2 How successful was the health promotional quality improvement project?

• Change implemented and resulting improvements?

• Staff involved?

• Management committee?

5.3 what were the inhibitors and enablers specific to the implementation of your health

promotional quality improvement project?

5.4 To whom do you need to communicate the results of your project?



6.  References • Data collection tools • PDCA cycle worksheet • Key terms • Abbreviations • Any additional materials 

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