mentally ill homeless population


  1. Read the case study, learning objectives, description, and scenario.
  2. Answer two of the questions posed in the case study.
  3. Answer the questions in a clear, concise, thoughtful, in order, and organized manner.

At the end of this case, you will be able to:

  • Analyze at least three issues contributing to mental illness in the homeless.
  • Describe barriers to mental health care for individuals who are homeless.
  • Reflect on your personal views and understanding of the mentally ill homeless population.

Instructions: Open the Mental Health Case Study (Word) and choose two of the discussion questions at the end of the case study to answer. Post your two answers in this discussion forum.


Answer two of the following questions from the mental health case study in your initial post:

  1. What events in John’s life create a “downward spiral” into homelessness and hopelessness? Which events are related to social needs, mental health needs, and medical needs and which could health care have addressed?
  2. What were some of the barriers John faced in accessing medical care; mental health care?
  3. How does homelessness and mental illness intersect? Do you believe homelessness may develop because of a mental health issue or do you believe those who become homeless eventually sink into psychological despair?
  4. The tipping point for many people who live at the margins of society may be things that could have been managed given the right supports. How can your role as an APRN help to identify, alleviate or support those who are in need like John?
  5. In your own experience, have you encountered a homeless individual? What was that like? Do you recall what you were thinking?

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