Nursing Shift Coordinator Role

Describe a recent change you experienced in your professional practice. Describe in detail three things that were successful and three things that were not successful. Include a discussion of why the successes worked and what could have been done to make the less successful actions effective.


Recent change: Adding a new position to nursing admin, nursing shift coordinator or also known as the resource nurses”

Role: Respond to all medical emergencies (code blue and rapid response) in the hospital including sepsis alerts, stroke alerts, code crimson, STEMI. Round in all departments and support nurses when needed.



  1. 1. Delay in responding to medical emergencies have decreased 
  2. 2. Increase compliance and timeliness of nursing interventions during medical emergencies
  3. 3. Early identification of patient’s change in condition – early treatment and interventions resulting to decrease code blue activation outside the ICUs



  1. 1. Vague description of the position – causing confusion as to what the role is meant for
  2. 2. Unclear roles and responsibilities – whenever there’s new project or assignments, it tends to fall under resource nurses (more tasks are being added)
  3. 3. Increase dependence of nursing staff – nursing staff are relying on resource nurses to support them in basic nursing staff such as IV insertion or ADLs.


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