The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) General Industry Standards

Unit II assessment

Unit II Annoucement- Subparts D, E, and F

In week 1, we discussed the creation of the OSH Act and the development of workplace safety standards.  In week 2, we will learn how the OSHA standards are set up and a brief introduction to Subparts D, E, and F.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) General Industry Standards can be found at 29 CFR Part 1910. Part 1910 is organized into Subparts A through Z, and each subpart is comprised of related standards. The standards are numbered sequentially, starting with 1910.1 in Subpart A and ending with 1910.1450 in Subpart Z; while it is helpful to be able to identify subparts, only the standard number is really needed to locate a specific requirement. Parts A, B, and C are primarily administrative guidelines, explanations, and definitions.

Subpart D is the walking-working surfaces standard.  As mentioned in your study guide, this subpart is in the final stages of a revision and can be published as early as the end of this year.  This subpart requires a workplace free from tripping and slipping hazards and from hazards that may result in falling from one level to another.

Subpart E was put into place to assure safe and orderly egress during emergency situations, particularly emergencies related to fire.

Subpart F deals with powered platforms in tall facilities such as grain elevators or high rise structures.

Please review subparts D, E, and F on the OSHA webpage.  If you have any questions regarding these 3 subparts, please let me know.

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