reflective paper (creativity innovation )

Assessment 3 is an individual reflection. In this Assessment we ask you to look back on your learning and experiences in this course and provide a reflection of your initial expectations and any changes in these expectations, what you learned from the course and how you have both used and will use this learning in the future. The reflection must also be backed by a theoretical foundation and scholarly work.

Requirements of the reflective paper

1. The reflective piece should provide reflection on what your initial expectations of the course were and how (if at all) they have changed over the semester.

2. The reflective piece must highlight your learning in the course and explain how you will use this learning in future your job. Possible areas to reflect on include learning about idea generation techniques,  working in a team to complete Assignment 2,  pitching your ideas, learning about design thinking and ethical issues in creativity, innovation and design etc.  

3. The reflective piece must provide one example from your life during the semester where you used the learning and skills gained from this course to creatively (i.e., novel and useful ideas) and effectively solve a problem/task you were facing. 

4. You must always support these experiences with a theoretical foundation (use a minimum of five scholarly work).

Creativity Journal:

To complete requirement 3 above, we recommend that you keep a ‘Creativity Journal’ starting from week 1 where you record at least once daily instances in which you exercised creative problem solving in your life, university or while at work.

In doing so, remember to record the problem/task you faced, the creative solution you came up with to solve the problem/task and the process you went through to come up with the solution (e.g., engaged in divergent and convergent thinking, used design thinking, brainstormed ideas etc.) and how your learning in the course helped you to come up with a creative solution. This journal will also help you to keep track of how creative you are and how you can further improve your creative problem solving skills.  

Please note that this journal will NOT be marked.

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