Research project discussion section

Research project about quality improvement survey in a healthcare organization 

Write a discussion for a study (1300- 1500 words)

Paragraph 1:

–        Describe the major finding of the report

–        Answer the research question

–        Don’t make a conclusion

Paragraph 2:

–        Interpret the finding

–        Explain what the major finding

–        Don’t over-interpret

Paragraph 3-5

–        Compare the result to current literature on the same or similar topic

–        Use references to support the interpretation of the finding

–        Discuss literature that conflict with the data and explain why the reports conflict

Paragraph 6

–        List the limitation of the study (for example that faced covid-19 restriction use electronic survey lower rate than paper)

–        Describe the generalizability of the result to other situation

–        Describe problem encountered in the methods

Paragraph 7:

–        List unanswered question if any

–        Propose further research that should be undertaken


Write conclusion (500 words)

–        Answer the research question and explain the interpretation of the finding

–        Support the conclusion with the result


Write the Recommendation (500 words)



Please check the attachment:

1-     for the Result of the study

2-     the method but not the final

3-     A similar study has been done in Koran and in Lebanese (for your references to guide you)

4-     the original survey (it has references for the different study used the survey for your references to guide you, but it is too old)

Please try to search a recent study to compare the support and the conflict and to have a national and international perspective as my study is in Saudi Arabia

For any further concern please notify me

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