The Age Discrimination in Employment Act

he Age Discrimination in Employment Act makes it illegal to ask for an employee?s date of birth unless: That person appears to be 65 or older That person appears to be 16 or younger That person voluntarily offers their date of birth The ADEA does not specifically prohibit an employers for asking for an employee?s date of birth 22. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Enforces the anti-discrimination provisions of Title VII Is responsible for keeping HR managers up-to-date on new, relevant government legislation Helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 D Is responsible for enforcement of unemployment compensation programs 24. When a Human Resources manager makes an error as a result of misinformation about legal requirements, he/she/the Company: CAN be held legally liable, but only in a local court CAN be held legally liable, so they must be sure to recognize and follow all relevant laws CANNOT be held legally liable, since the HR manager is not a lawyer and cannot be expected to have a complete understanding of legislation CANNOT be held legally liable unless the GM denies responsibility 25. Which of the following is NOT considered a ?reasonable accommodation? for an employee with a disability? Extra unpaid leave when it does not present a hardship to the business Eliminating a primary job responsibility Restructuring a job to shift a minor responsibility for a task from a disabled to a non-disabled employee Adjusted arrival or departure times 26. Which of the following is a permissible question that CAN legally be asked on a job application or in a job interview? Have you ever been treated for drug addiction or alcoholism? Are you pregnant? What is your date of birth? Are you taking any prescription drugs? 28. Worker?s compensation is a benefit paid to a worker who has: Suffered discrimination as defined by Title VII Involuntarily lost his/her job without just cause Won a case against the EEOC Suffered a work-related injury 31. All of the following are techniques for effectively implementing affirmative action plans EXCEPT: Active recruiting to expand the pool of candidates for job openings. Hiring only under-represented groups regardless of qualifications. Revising selection tools and criteria to ensure their relevance to job performance. Establishing goals and timetables for hiring under-represented groups. 32. As a result of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the mandatory retirement age is currently set at: 65 72 75 There is no mandatory retirement age 34. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows unpaid leave for: An individual whose mother has a serious illness An individual whose fianc?e has a serious illness An individual who has been the victim of domestic violence A parent who must attend parent-teacher conferences at their child?s school 35. The amount of paid vacation time allotted to workers around the world: Is always a mandated 2 weeks Is never less than 10 days Is never more than 3 weeks Is not standard and varies widely 37. A pregnant employee Can be passed over for promotion if qualified Must be treated differently Should be made to work with hazardous chemicals Cannot be passed over for promotion if qualified 40. An employee might have their wages garnished as a result of: Worker?s compensation claims Legally owed debt The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Disparate treatment 42. In Frederick Herzberg?s ?Motivation/ Hygiene Theory,? which of the following is considered a ?hygiene factor?? A. Advancement B. Learning C. Job Security D. Achievement 43. Which of these is not one of the three needs in David McClelland?s Three Need Theory? A. Popularity B. Power C. Affiliation D. Achievement 46. Training should be provided to staff members who: Are new and inexperienced in their job field Are new but have experience in their job field Have been with the company for some time All of the above 47. Which of the following is generally agreed to have the largest effect on worker motivation? Intrapreneurship Workers? ability and willingness to do a job Legal recruiting practices Size of the HR department 51. Consider a situation in which information regarding a new policy is provided to employees via email. An employee who does not have an email account, and has never known or been taught how to use email, is found to be in violation of the new policy. Legally speaking: A. The employee would be at fault for not keeping up-to-date with technological advances B. The employee would be at fault until they created and checked an email account C. The employer would be at fault, because email is never an acceptable form of information dissemination D. The employer would be at fault, because it is the employer who is responsible for ensuring and documenting that the employee received the notification 52. Which of the following is NOT a piece of employee information that the federal government requires employers keep? A. Social Security Number B. Dates of transfers C. Marital status D. Reasons for demotions 55. A well-designed and implemented employee assistance program should help: A. Train and prepare new employees for the job B. Ensure fair hiring practices C. Encourage quality workers to stay with the organization D. Develop effective HR policies and procedures 59. What is the most effective way of documenting that all staff members have read and understood the company?s employee handbook? Have the HR manager read the handbook aloud for each new employee Have each employee sign a document stating they have read and understood the handbook, then place a copy in the employee?s personal file Supply each employee with a new, updated copy of the handbook each year Have one copy of the handbook available in the GM?s office so interested employees can consult it 60. According to Abraham Maslow?s motivation theory of Needs Hierarchy, which of the following constitute a person?s most basic need? A. Physiological needs B. Esteem C. Actualization D. Love/Belonging

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