The Collapse of European Colonial Powers in the New World

This is a combination exam-research assignment that requires you to write a 3-4 page essay on one of the following topics, and submit it to me in person or via email by Midnight on Monday, November 2.

? In preparing your essay, you should DEFINITELY cite MULTIPLE course readings, other assigned readings and class notes, and may cite outside sources as well.
? This essay represents an individual effort ? you may not work together.
? Your essay should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and printed in 10-12 point Times New Roman type.
? Please make sure to cite your sources, remembering that both quotes and paraphrased information requires citation. Please use either parenthetical in-text citation or endnotes. Plagiarism will be rewarded with a grade of F.
? Outside sources should be reliable and of high quality, including books, journals, and professional or peer-reviewed articles. Generic web sites, encyclopedic sources, and Wikipedia-style sources should be avoided. That means do not use them under any circumstances.
? Remember that the more detailed, accurate information you use in your paper, the better your grade will be.
? Your grade will be based on your performance in three interrelated areas: 1.) Quality of research effort; 2.) Quality of writing; 3.) Quality of content.

Essay Topics: Choose A or B.

A. From the 1520s through the early 1700s, political and economic conflicts between France, Spain, and Britain dramatically affected both the balance of power in Europe, and the development and interaction of their colonies in the New World. Select TWO of these nations and explore in an essay how their competition on both sides of the Atlantic shaped their colonial efforts during this period. In particular, your answer should reference specific wars, treaties, and economic and trade concerns in Europe, and the manner in which they influenced life in the colonies. Also, how did developments in the colonies ? political or economic ? affect their parent countries back in Europe?

B. In 1690, France, Britain, and Spain ruled extensive colonial empires in the New World. One hundred years later, both Britain and France had lost almost all of their New World territory, and New Spain teetered on the edge of revolution. Write an essay in which you consider the question ?What happened?!? Specifically, what factors contributed to the collapse of the ?First Wave? empires in the New World? Were their problems political in nature? Economic? Social/cultural? Did similar issues afflict all of the colonial powers, or did their reasons for failure differ? How?

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