o prepare

  • Read the week’s Learning Resources and consider the differences between community service and service learning.
  • View the videos assigned as part of this week’s Learning Resources, which focus on service learning in action.
  • Revisit or review the articles provided in Week 3 Learning Resources and the articles you have analyzed to begin your annotated bibliography.

To submit

  • Construct a visual presentation (e.g., chart, graph, diagram, Prezi presentation) showing the connections between the learner-centered curriculum model and the model of service learning. Keep in mind the following:
    • Focus your visual representation on how service learning overlaps with and extends a learner-centered curriculum.
    • Indicate in your graphic any ways in which they do not fit well together.
    • Your visual should stand-alone, be self-explanatory, and easily understood.
    • Your visual should be in .pdf, .jpg, Word, or Prezi file format.
  • In addition to constructing your visual presentation, write a 1-page paper in which you answer the following questions:
    • How does service learning fit into, extend, or amplify the learner-centered curriculum?
    • After reviewing both models, what are the similarities and differences?
    • Include one or more examples from the videos assigned as part of this week’s Learning Resources

    Resources: Furco, A., & Billig, S. H. (Eds.) (2002). Service learning: The essence of the pedagogy. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. (Chapters 1 &2)

  • Cullen, R., Harris, M., & Hill, R. R. (2012). The learner-centered curriculum: Design and implementation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (Chapters 3 & 5)

Include in your submission a cover sheet, the graphic representation, and the 1-page paper.

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