Week 6 Case Study

APA7 3 pages / 2 citation references / you must read the 1 page case study provided in the word document and answer the questions in the instructions 1-6. 

Write in third person, do not use “I would”. 



Review the Case Study #2. (attached in order files)


1. What are your instructions to the customer service group, what strategy is your strategy to address these fakes?


2. What are your instructions to the returns group, regarding repairs? What steps will you take to make sure that the fakes are not repaired and sent back to customers?


3. What will you tell the owner and the marketing department about the fakes? What information do you feel is essential to include in the message to the media?


4. What organizational changes would you consider in the short term to assist in addressing this situation?


5. What new revenue opportunities do you see from this situation? What would you recommend to sales or marketing?


6. What virtual elements would you include in your solution? Consider using any of the tools in Chapter 8 or 9 of the Gordon & Curlee text.

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