write a summary review on a primary source document from the Reconstruction to 1900 era.

Use the following guidelines to enhance your submissions:
1. Place the document in historical context
2. List the document?s main points
3. Explain the document?s historical significance
Historical Context:
Place the document in historical context involves answering some the following questions:
o Who is the author?
o What is the author?s position in society?
o What are his or her viewpoints concerning the major issues of
their time?
o What can be said about the author?s time? In other words, what
are the major issues and events concerning the author and
affecting society at the time the document is being conceived and
o For whom was the document written? In other words, who is the
intended audience?
Main Points:
Students should ask the following question to understand the document?s main points:
o Why was the document written/produced? In other words, what
points did the author most want to convey?
Historical Significance:
Students should address the follo??????wing questions when determining and evaluating the
historical significance:
o What impact did the document have on the author?s society?
o What impact did it have on later generations?
o What groups in particular did the document impact?
o Was the impact important, and if so, why?
must be 12 font, times new roman. chicago style
examples on how the paper should look are attached

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