8 Assignment



For this assignment, use the two attached articles that address the impact of P2 on ecosystems and biological communities.


Discuss each article separately or weave them together. In the critique, please discuss the following elements:


1. the thesis of each article,

2. the significant points brought up in the articles that contribute to the field of P2,

3. how the use of P2 concepts reduced harm to an ecosystem/biological community, and

4. the harm that would come to the ecosystem/biological community if P2 was not used


Please use the 2 attached articles below as well as any other applicable references (4-5 total references).


Please also use attached file titled Chapter 2 Industrial Ecology from the following source:


Dupont, R. R., Ganesan, K., & Theodore, L. (2017). Pollution prevention: Sustainability, industrial ecology, and green engineering (2nd ed.). CRC Press.      


Please include a title page and references page. No abstract is needed.



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