Library Research Assignment

Please take a look at the documents uploaded. They will show you what the paper will be about and instructions to follow. 


It is mandatory to ONLY use FIU library. Log in information will be provided. 


For this assignment, you will use the FIU libraryLinks to an external site. to locate academic sources for your capstone paper.


Part I

Using the thesis statement you previously drafted, locate four (4) academic sources for your paper. (NOTE: theses, dissertations, newspaper articles, and magazines, etc. are not considered academic sources).


Thesis Statement: “Through the utilization of advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data analytics, crime mapping serves as a vital tool in comprehensively understanding spatial-temporal crime patterns, enabling evidence-based interventions, fostering community engagement, and informing policy development for enhanced crime prevention and public safety.”


  • Two (2) sources should address the background and history of the issue/problem.
  • One (1) source should describe the importance of issue/problem and what investigation is needed help solve the issue/problem.
  • One (1) source must be an empirical (primary) research study that supports your thesis statement or is related to the topic you are investigating. Note that a primary research study must be published in a peer-reviewed journal and should contain some of the sections that follow: Introduction/literature review, method/methodology, sample/participants, procedure, data/results/findings, discussion/conclusion.

Part 2

In a word document, provide the following:

  1. Your selected topic.
  2. Your thesis statement.

Next, for each of the four (4) academic sources include the following information: 

    1. Author(s) 
    2. Publication year/date
    3. Article title/book title
    4. Journal name/publisher
    5. Volume and issue number (if applicable)
    6. Page numbers (if applicable)
    7. Library database or webpage where source was obtained
    8. URL or link to source (doi)
    9. Abstract – Copy the abstract from the source into the word document
    10. Write a few sentences explaining how the source/research study and its findings will be utilized when writing your capstone paper.

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