annotated bibliography and outlline

Exploratory Business Research-Based Report on Project Management

Identify 6 or 7 scholarly articles on your topic and prepare an annotated bibliography (author’s abstracts will not be accepted). Scholarly articles are the type found using Ebsco Host, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, etc. (unacceptable sources include web pages, blogs, informal sources, and Wikipedia)

Next, prepare a full-sentence outline to guide your writing. Be specific and identify key areas within your topic. Use this information for build your outline.

In addition to the Peirce Library resources/databases, you may use Google scholarly articles (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Click the link in the Webliography for instructions and a sample annotated bibliography and full-sentence outline. Be sure to select the APA style.

Part 2 Deliverable: Submit Annotated Bibliography and Outline on or before the designated due date for grading. INCLUDE YOUR COVER PAGE and REFERENCE LIST

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