Risk Management Methods, Part II Paper?

Executive leadership has asked each team to review the liabilities their department is exposed to from a guest and employee perspective. They expect each individual to complete an assessment. Conduct an assessment of the department that was chosen for the Week 2 Risk Management Methods Part 1 assignment. Write a report of no more than […]

Final Exam Assignment

In a paper that has no page minimum or maximum length, please respond to the following questions in detail: 1. Pick 5 concepts from the book and explain in detail how you understood the application of those concepts by completing one OR both of the simulations. a. How can you use these same concepts in […]


For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you are negotiating with your supervisor for a raise and also to work four days per week at 12 hour days. To begin this assignment, answer the following questions (see below). You can use your current income and schedule as the “opponents” BATNA. After you have thoroughly answered the questions, […]

Stop and Frisk: Beyond Terry v. Ohio

The 1969 Supreme Court decision in Terry v Ohio carved out an exception in regards to the 4th Amendment prohibition on unreasonable search and seizures. Essentially law enforcement official were allowed to “pat down,” or “frisk” without probable cause, someone they had stopped whom they suspected may have committed a crime or may be about […]


Huduma Chapchap is a company in downtown Nairobi that sell and rents motorbikes. The company is planning to move the business to an electronic trading platform. 1 comprehensively discuss the suitability of the decision and justify your arguments. 2 discuss all technical and non technical challenges that Huduma chapchap is likely to experience as a […]

Data Warehouses and Data Marts 1-2 pages

Data Warehouses and Data Marts Write a one-to two-page (250-500 word) paper that discusses the differences between data warehouses and data marts. Also,discuss how organizations can use data warehouses and data marts to acquire data. You must use the CSU Online Library to locate at least twosources for your paper.APA rules forformatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, […]

Guidelines for Philosophic Argument Optional Assignment:

Structure is a follows: Pick the one philosophic argument that you most identify with and write a thesis statement about why.Next illustrate and explain how the philosophic argument you chose can increase quality of life in our economy using the following models: Open Economy Model (15 points) Solow Model (15 points) AD-AS Model (15 points) […]

Aggregate Planning

I would need this by Wednesday. There is a PDF file attached with the exercice,exercice The memo should not exceed 3 pages including any displays. Students are encouraged to work on this assignment in teams not larger than 3 students. The write-up will be evaluated on both the analysis and the presentation and is due […]

Colombian country profile

Terrorism Country Profile: Colombia In the current globalized political climate, with significant developments in travel and communications technologies and reductions in their cost that make them more easily accessible to individuals all over the world, terrorism is arguably a threat to nearly every country in the world. For this unit, you will be exploring the […]