Ethics – Reward and Punishment

Justice is concerned with the fair use of rewards and punishments. You and your peers will discuss some of these issues and discuss which theory of justice is most logical and ethical. Reward and Punishment What method of reward and punishment is used in your family, and how does it fit in with the three […]

5 Pages Economics

Research Paper Instructions 1. Breakdown your topic, come up with 3-5 good questions to research. Outline should include introduction of topic, key issues, economic policy recommendations, counter arguments from WSJ, rebut (defense) of policy recommendations using economic facts from the book, conclusion. 2. The field of Economics typically uses APA formatting. 3. Research primary data […]

Complete Discussion for Business Innovation Course

Discussion: The Creative Organization and Creative Approaches to Problem Solving If you were to imagine a workplace where everyone was creative and innovation thrived, what would it look like? How would a day in the office be different from a day in any other type of office? What kind of colleagues would you work with? […]

Jazzercise- The Rebrand

2-1 Discussion: Jazzercise – The Rebrand Discussion Topic Updated Starts May 5, 2018 11:59 PM Jazzercise has long been associated with 1980s aerobics. In early 2015, the company launched a rebranding campaign. Review Chapter 2 in the text and the resources for Jazzercise, then address the importance of the following: Corporate mission and rebranding alignment […]

ethics week 5 response 2

i need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format For me, making decisions is a very difficult process that causes me untold stress. Too often I struggle with the possible outcome or the consequences and how they might affect those around me even before a decision is made. “Regret and second-guessing are […]

LDST 330 week 6 main post

Read the Fisher and Martini book, Inspiring Leadership, Chapter 12 – Servant Leadership, and Chapter 13 – Humility. Based on the readings, respond to these questions: What examples of servant leadership have you seen – in history, and in your own life? In what ways was humility demonstrated in the lives of these individuals? Support […]

CJS231 Phoenix Prostitution Among Immigration Routes Theory Paper

View the following Theories of Crime videos in CJ Criminology. Social Structure Theories section: Theory Explained Social Process Theories section: Theory Explained Social Conflict Theories section: Theory Explained Read the instructions in the Examining Theory document and select one of the following options to complete the assignment. Option 1: Social Structure Theory Paper Option 2: […]

Week 3 Task 3

Reply to the following post in 100 words or more. Communication skills for effective interviewing FromAdministrative Human Resources – There is nothing more important in the hiring process than the interview. The interview will help you find the right fit for your organization, so ultimately an interview is helping your business move forward. Interviewees aren’t […]

5 pages writing based on the investment book

Here is the e-book, name ‘The intelligent investor”. It is actually finance class, i did not find the finance category of the question. So i put it in marketing. The requirement is based on this book, write least 5 pages, 6 pages is good enough, double space, APA form paper. This paper is about personal […]