Business paper (EC)

For this paper, write a 1-2 page (550-700 words) POV position paper on a contemporary EEO (equal employment opportunity) or Diversity topic.

Please read the directions carefully.

The requirements are:

  • Express a clear, concise opinion about the topic.
  • Offer 3 compelling, substantial arguments or proof points to support your opinion.
  • Support your opinion with 3-5 or more references.
  • Relate your own personal experience to support your POV (if possible).
  • Summary paragraph.
  • Equal opportunity is the law. However, we fall short of offering truly equal opportunity within the United States.

    Focus on an example of discrimination, bias against a protected class: gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, veterans, race, age in the workplace. Remember that discrimination can appear in any term or condition of employment: hiring, pay, promotions, treatment, termination, etc.

    Find research that proves its existence and quantifies its impact (cite all sources).

    Write a summary of the discrimination: who is impacted, why it occurs, any proof points about the results of the inequality (basically summarize the articles).

    Summarize any laws or regulations that should prevent this type of discrimination.

    Offer your opinion about why it still occurs and what could be done by employers or law makers to rectify it. You can provide your own personal experience (if possible).

    Please pick topics that focus on a veryspecific expression of bias or discrimination in the workplace. Pick something interesting.

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