Complete 3 easy Business Discussions NO PALGIARISM


Question A

  • What approach should be used to calculate the breakeven point of a company that has many products?

Question B

  • How is the contribution margin per unit of limited resources computed?


Market Share / Market Growth

Which do you think is more important to an organization and why?


It is now five-ten years in the future, and you are a Grantham alumnus. Congratulations! You are working in the field you have chosen.

In this post, you will:

  1. Introduce yourself to the class as the person you are in the future. (Kwasha Stephenson)
  2. Describe your workplace and your job title. (Office Executive)
  3. Explain one way your life has changed as a result of your college experience at Grantham.
  4. Predict what you will be doing next. (What are your new goals?)

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