CPMGT 300 week 3 assignment Project Proposal and Charter

Resource: Individual Assignment Project Proposal approved in Week 2

Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word Project Proposal for the project selected in Week 2 that includes the following: 

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the project manager.
  • Determine the appropriate stakeholders and their roles within the project.

Create a Project Charter including the following:

  • Project purpose
  • Measurable objectives
  • High-level requirements
  • Milestone schedule
  • Proposed budget
  • Parties responsible for project’s success

Explain the benefits of implementing this project as compared to doing nothing.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Project Charter Document Team B Rev -.doc

Project Proposal Rev A.doc

Please find the Scope Statement assignments for the project Charter below:

Section 1 Bob Newton

Section 2 Bob Newton

Section 3 Bob Newton

Section 4.1 Bob Newton

Section 4.2 Bob Newton

Section 4.3 Eric Graves

Section 4.4 Eric Graves

Section 4.5 Shuanta Abrams(MY Portion)

Section 4.6 Shuanta Abrams(My Portion)

Section 5.1 Kim Freeman

Section 5.2 Kim Freeman

Section 5.3 Kent Panovec

Section 5.4 Kent Panovec

Section 6 Evan Nicklin

Section 7 Evan Nicklin

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