Read bonus LESSON 7. Write two comments and post them below – your first comment should be on one of the first 6 ‘points’ in LESSON 7, your second comment, on one of the LAST 6 points in the lesson. Your choice. You pick the ones you want to comment on. Each comment should be 7 or 8 sentences, minimum, and checked for spelling/grammar. When ready, use “REPLY” button (below) and post your two comments in FORUM 7. You can agree, disagree, or be undecided – explain why. There are no wrong answers. Posts should be thoughtful and not just, “I agree with #1.” DO NOT CUT & PASTE (PLAGIARIZE) YOUR WRITING. MUST BE ORIGINAL WRITING AND YOURS.

I hope Lesson 7 was interesting – give it some thought. If you start to understand how Economists “think” – great.

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