Human Resource Management

  1. Does Enterprise face any risks from its human resource strategy?

  2. Do you think Miller Brewing Company’s termination of Mr. MacKenzie was justified? Why or why not?

  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages for individual workers at firms that merge with international partners?

  4. Discuss the impact of strategy and culture on Activision.

  5. Are dirty, dangerous, and unpleasant jobs an inevitable part of any economy?

  6. What role might job satisfaction and dissatisfaction play in the hotel industry?

  7. What do you see as the major advantages and disadvantages of hiring high-risk employees?

  8. Why don’t more companies follow Avon’s lead?

  9. What does this case suggest to you about the differences between salaried and hourly managers? What does it suggest to you about equity between workers in the same organization and across different organizations?

  10. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of frequent performance appraisals?

  11. If you were a Harley or GM employee and union member, would you have voted for the new deal? Why or why not?

  12. Describe the jobs of salesperson and marketer at a typical firm in terms of employee needs that are being met. Then describe the jobs of salesperson and marketer at CollabNet in terms of met needs. What are the differences?

13. What types of employees are likely to be motivated by alternate work arrangements? Why

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