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question 5/ What does the AIDA principle stand for in regard to promotions?


Which of the following is a job function typically not performed by sport public relations specialists?

crisis management

generating and managing story ideas

fostering relationships with media and stakeholders

facility management


What type of document used in public relations practice helps subjects speaking to the press stay on the desired message?

press release

talking points

fact sheet

news advisory


Which of the following is not a role of the public relations department?

planning campaigns

facilitating interviews

disseminating press releases

managing crises

selling season tickets


For any public relations professional, what is the key first step in effectively managing a crisis?

have a plan

call a press conference

write a press release

be careful not to offer any public opinion on the crisis


When a public relations professional develops an internal newsletter, which public relations function is being achieved?

shaping and enhancing public image

promoting employee relations

gaining political or popular support

coping with crisis

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