Module 02 Discussion – Brand You

For this discussion, you will apply the branding and positioning principles we’ve learned to yourself. Some of you may want to pursue a career in marketing, while others may be interested in other areas of business or entrepreneurship. Regardless of your career path, you need to know how to effectively market yourself in order to obtain your “dream” job. Just as it is important for companies to have a customer-centric perspective when marketing their products, it is important that you have a customer-centric perspective when building your personal brand. Who is your customer? Potential employers, of course! In 2015, eighty percent of employers indicated that they used social media when searching for job candidates (Hood, Robles & Hopkins, 2014). You will conduct a search for yourself to see what a recruiter may see when conducting research on you. You will assess your online brand presence and discuss opportunities for creating a stronger personal brand.

For your initial post, do the following:

  1. Use an Internet search engine to search for yourself online. In order to narrow your results, you may need to put quotation marks around your first and last name. You may also need to add a geographic location to further narrow the search results (for example, “Jane Doe” in City, State).
  2. Ignoring any results that are not related to you, please share three of the top search results. What might a recruiter think about your top search results?
  3. If you cannot find yourself via a search engine query, discuss three areas of strength associated with your personal brand (for example, strong written communication skills, promptness, attention to detail).
  4. List three areas of opportunity to improve your personal brand (for example, public speaking skills or organization skills).

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