Old Hand or New Blood

5 questions (make sure they are separate – does not need to be an essay… straight answers)

  • The case states that there are 2 candidates for a top management position: Elena Gonzalez and Jon Shapiro. Who would you choose to hire? Create an argument for your chosen candidate that will be presented to the board of directors.
  • What do we know about systems theory that would help us understand the issues in this case? Provides examples from the literature
  • MacLeod and Zorthian are considering two very strategies: an integrated solutions approach and the traditional product-performance approach. Which approach would allow the organization to “preserve the core while stimulating progress?
  • We have learned how important cultures is to the success of an organization. Is a culture change necessary in this case? Why or why not?
  • Create a short-term action plan (current 2 years) to help the organization increase its profitability.

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