physical activity

Guidance for the Research Proposal:

1. Please stick to 1200 word limit -don\\\’t exceed it-plus references and any necessary appendices.

2. The report should be double-spaced, and include page numbers so that reviewers can easily refer back to specific points.

3. The structure and content of the proposal is similar to that of the introduction and method sections of any journal article depending on your type of study.

4. The proposal should contain the title of the research, a brief background and a rational for the research, its aim then the methods.

5. The methods section should include in details the design of the study, participants characteristics and sampling, setting and date of where and when the study will likely take place, measures/outcomes, data analysis and ethical consideration.

6. A reference list needs to be included and APA referencing style should be used for the proposal

7. Please avoid plagiarism- plagiarism of 25%will mean you failed the research proposal part of this course and will receive zero points. 


include in the research proposal:



3. Research Significance

4. Research Question

5. Research Objectives

6. Literature review

7. Research Methods

8. Reference

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