Profile on HBDI based PECs exam

hi . i have attached 3 different HBDI based on PECs exam files for 3 different students . we have answers all the question and we made the tables. base to that exams answers now i need help to do next requirements for 3 students in 3 different files .


i. Section one

a. Profile based on HBDI

– Specify your scores

– Draw the chart

– Discuss the implications of your scores on each dimension (A, B, C and D) (two line for each)

b. Profile based on PECs

– Specify your ‘corrected scores’

– Discuss the implications of the individual scores

ii. Section two

a. Reflection on the profile patterns

– Draw the ‘profile chart’ in full

– Discuss your average score in relation to the individual scores

– Discuss your average score in relation to the median score of 13

– Discuss the overall implication, that is, how you see yourself as a potential entrepreneur

b. Comparative analysis

– Discuss how well you perform in relation to the entrepreneur across the 10 PEC attributes

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