Review and Respond To a Business Plan

Attached is a business plan that needs to be reviewed please see instruction below

  • Imagine you are an investor looking to fund or get involved in a new business. From this viewpoint, please review the Business Plans posted by your classmates and choose one to provide feedback for this Assignment. Answer the following questions in a 1-page report.–Did the plan provide a clear picture/idea of the purpose of the business? Why or why not?–Given the information provided about the overall industry and competitors, do you feel this business will be able to stand out? Why or why not?–What is your feedback or ideas for extending their marketing strategy to attract more business?–Given the overall financial projection and business described, would you be interested in investing in this business? Why or why not?–Provide any additional comments or suggestions. As long as they are positive and productive!
    Complete a one page write up on the above and submit via the Assignment link. Please also take a moment to send a copy of your report to your peer via the Class Message/Class Email.

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