Service Marketing: Advertising & Promotion Plan for a Local Service Company

For this assignment, your job is to write an Advertising & Promotion plan for TG Earnest & Associates, which is a local service company. Please note this is not an easy assignment and requires comprehensive knowledge in Marketing, especially in service marketing. The requirements of this assignment are: 12 pages at least, double-spaced, APA format, free of grammatical errors based on standard English, a minimum of 10 references, number all pages on the top right corner except the cover page, and the title and heading should be “Advertising Plan for TG Earnest & Associates“.

There are three attached files, first, please see the attached file titled as “Advertising Plan Outline”, which is the basic structure of an advertising plan. Please note although there are many sections and subsections, you do not have to write all of them. You only need to write the parts you think are necessary based on your knowledge in marketing and the research and analysis you will do for TG Earnest & Associates. However, please do not change the overall orders of the sections.

Second, please read the attached file titled as “TG Earnest & Associates Firm Overview 7.2017”, which is an overall description of the company.

Third, please read the attached file titled as “TG Earnest What Can Services Marketing do to help”, which specify the objectives your advertising plan needs to achieve.


I know this is a huge project, so you may do any type of outside research and analysis, such as the external & internal environment, local and overall demographics, financial situational analysis, etc. Please keep in mind this is not an easy assignment, so do not wait till the last day to do it, please do it step by step. Plus, please keep the originality of your work.

Please contact me immediately if you have any problems or confusions and please try your best to finish within the time frame because the actual due date is very close.

Thank you!

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