Unit VIII Final Project

Create a five page corporate policy to foster creative thinking in a real-world organization. The policy must include the following components:  Clearly identify the organization and target audience the plan is written for.  Create sections based on the work activities that contribute to the overall corporate culture. The sections should be tailored to your specific organization and your target audience.  Include specific procedures that will facilitative a creative work environment. Describe detailed procedures using a format that is easy to follow.  Add any templates or worksheets that might be helpful for the leaders to use when implementing the policy.  Use text enhancements and visuals for emphasis and for clarity. In addition to basic enhancements, such as bold, underline, italics, caps, font/font size, and color-coding, you can include graphs, illustrations, or other visual elements. Note: You can refer to examples of the policies from Unit V to determine a format for the policy. Review these policies

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