What was the English restoration?

Weekly Assignment #3
The topic is Puritan values and lifestyles. Watch the video shown below. It’s a humorous take on Puritans and their strict attitudes towards life. Read in the textbook, pages 57-59 on the same topic. Read page 62 to get a brief understanding of the restoration–you may want to look up other sources on this to get a more full understanding. Answer the following:

1) What was the English restoration?
2) Why did Puritans disapprove of “fun” and such related activities?
3) Based on what you have learned from the readings, do you think this video plays on stereotypes of Puritans or is an accurate representation of them?

Must Watch this video for Assignment #3
The Crucible – Historical Wife Swap

Book title: Norton, M., Sherriff, C., Blight, D & Chudacoff, H. (2011). A People and a Nation: A History of the United States. NY: Cengage Learning

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