Drug Advertising Project

Drug Advertising Project

1) The purpose of this assignment is to analyze messages regarding drug use and/or abuse.

2) Complete Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

a) Paper should be 700-1,000 words.

b) An abstract is not necessary for this project, nor is a Reference section.

c) Print ads from Part 2 should be submitted as .jpg files along with the essay.

3) APA format is not required, but solid academic writingis expected

4) Submit the assignment to the instructor by the end of Module 7.

Part 1

1) Visit the website: http://www.arizonamethproject.org/View_Ads/index.php

2) Choose one TV advertisement(s) to analyze.

3) Write a brief description of the ad and its storyline.

4) Who is the ad targeting?

5) Examine facets such as makeup/costumes, lighting, camera angles, and tempo. How do these images "tell the story" of drug addiction?

6) What aspects are focused on and what is the underlying purpose?

7) What aspects are ignored and why?

8) Please make note of the title (e.g., "boyfriend") listed on the top of the commercial thumbnails.

Part 2

1) Choose one Internet cigarette or alcohol ad to analyze. Questions you should address in your analysis include:

a) Who is the ad targeting?

b) What appeal technique is the ad using to sell (e.g., sex appeal, exciting lifestyle, everyone’s doing it)?

c) What images (e.g., color, actor/cartoon placement) are present in the ad?

d) If a slogan is present, what does it imply?

e) What aspects of using are overlooked/ignored and why?

Part 3

1) Compare and contrast the ads.

2) How are they similar?

3) How are they different?

4) Which type of ad do you believe is more powerful and why?

5) How do the ads highlight the opposite sides of substance use?

6) What impact (if any) do you believe these ads have on people’s substance use/abuse?

Discussion Forum

1) The discussion forum requirements will be provided by the instructor.

2) Participate in class discussion as indicated.

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