Prepare a business report paper describing best practices employed by a business relating to Internet marketing topics

Internet Marketing Brief Paper
(Body of paper: 2 – 3 pages. 700 to 1050 words minimum. Do not exceed length by more than 25%). Content is worth 80%; organization and writing mechanics are worth 20%. Find something in the news that is important to firms engaged in online business.

  • Be sure your paper is well-written with an introduction, body, conclusion and headings. Include your references using a reference page and in-text citations.
  • Write for a business executive. This means concise, third person, formal reporting. It also means selecting best practices that are important for businesses/marketers, not consumers. For example, great online shopping sites for consumers is not appropriate, but if written from the company perspective and describing why an online retailing site is successful, complete with metrics, that is great. If in doubt ask this question: Would Jeff Bezos, CEO of benefit from this brief for Amazon Internet marketing efforts? If still in doubt, talk to the instructor.
  • In addition to researching the company Website – include at least 3 properly cited references, with one being the text book and at least 2 being from media articles or interviews (but not from a company’s own press releases). All references must be current, less than two years old. Be sure to include your complete references at the end as well as at least one in-text citation for each reference within the body of the paper.
  • Highlight best practice topics, which may include firms that employed profitable: 1) CRM, 2) supply chain management, 3) online research, 4) telephony/call center, 5) personalization/customization, 6) performance metrics, 7) global adoption – selecting best markets for e-commerce, 8) consumer behavior online, 9) good online business models in terms of profitability, and 10) other key strategies. Keep the topic narrow enough to be meaningful, such as natural/organic or paid search engine optimization, social networking, or a specific company practice that worked well.
  • Include metrics/some quantifiable measures of success: Very important, and sometimes difficult to find. Profits over the time period may be cited but are not very strong because they can’t be matched to online marketing practices. Relate your example to the class theories through some analysis of why this practice was successful with evidence and support.

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